We have made a list of frequently asked questions and answers. However, if you do not find a solution to your problem below, please send your question to info@behejlesy.cz.

How do I register for the race?

First you need to create/activate an account on sportid.online and then you can register for a race. If you are registering through the SportID system for the first time, select the option ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND REGISTER FOR A RACE and fill in the required information to create a new account. If you have raced with us before and you enter the same information, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you registered with in the past and your historical results will be uploaded into the system.

After logging into your SportID account, you can register for a race – choose your race / distance / additional services and complete your order. Logging in will be easier next time and you won’t have to re-enter your details.

What happens if races cannot be organised due to government regulations (e.g. an epidemic situation)?

If it is not possible to organize the races on the given date due to government restrictions, we’ll do our best to find another date for the races. Participants will be offered the option to transfer their race fee free of charge to this new date or to another race within the Běhej lesy series.

How do I register multiple competitors at once to get the discount?

Fill in your registration on sportid.online, complete your order and click “Add another runner” in the last step. This person must have an active SportID account. You, the second runner and every other runner get a cheaper race fee. Then proceed to payment and you will get the discount.


I’ve received a reminder for the race fee payment, but I’ve already made the payment. What went wrong?

It is possible that you did not enter the variable symbol (VS) in your payment and therefore the payment did not pair with your order. Please send us the payment statement and we will pair the payment with the order. You will receive an email after you have been added to the race entry list.

I have paid for the race fee but I am still not on the entry list. What went wrong?

In the case of bank transfer and card payment, some banks are slower at processing the transaction and it takes a while for the amount to be transferred. Wait for a few days and once we receive the race fee, you will get a confirmation email that we have put you on the entry list. If you are not on the list within a week, email us at info@behejlesy.cz.

Is the race fee refundable?

Unfortunately, it isn’t, but you can transfer your registration to another race. There is a fee of 100 CZK to transfer the registration to another race; two weeks before the race it increases to 200 CZK.


Is it possible to transfer my registration to another person?

Yes, for a fee of 100 CZK; two weeks before the race, it costs 200 CZK. You can transfer the registration after logging in to your SportID account. Just click on the “Change registration” button in the My registrations section. Detailed step by step instructions can be found in the menu: Registartion Transfer and Changes.

Can I change the distance of the race?

Yes, but no later than 2 weeks before the race, then there is a charge of 100 CZK. You can easily change your distance after logging in to your SportID account. Just click on the Change registration button in the My registrations section. Detailed step by step instructions can be found in the menu: Registartion Transfer and Changes.

The date of the race I am registered for doesn’t suit me. Can I transfer to another race in the series?

Yes, as with transferring your registration to another person, there is a fee of 100 CZK, 2 weeks before the race it costs 200 CZK. You can change the race after logging in to your SportID account. Just click on the Change registration button in the My registrations section. Detailed step by step instructions can be found in the menu: Registartion Transfer and Changes.

I made a mistake in my registration when entering my name/date of birth/team. Can I change the information?

Yes, log in to sportid.online and change your details.


The current number of remaining race numbers until capacity is sold out / full capacity for the discounted race registrations can be found on the main site for each race just below the latest articles.

The numbers of remaining discounted race registrations for adult races are calculated from both distances. Children on children’s routes are not counted towards the limits on the total number of competitors. 

How many race numbers remain until capacity is full/at the discounted race fee?

Yes, but only if the race is not sold out in advance. Plus, online registrations are cheaper.

Is it possible to register on site?

What is a Tandem Team?

Form a mixed male-female pair (in any relationship) and decide who will run the longer course and who will run the shorter one. The pair with the fastest total time wins. But you don’t have to worry about your time too much, the competitors in the Tandem Team race are also scored in the individual race. More detailed rules can be found HERE.

What is a Slowmotion Team?

With Slowmotion teams, the goal is to form the largest possible group. Each person chooses the distance that suits them best. However, unlike Tandem, the goal is to achieve the longest total time. It is not necessary to run the race as slowly as possible, the number of team members is the factor to consider. The advantage is that there is no limit to the number of team members. More detailed rules can be found HERE.

How do I register a Tandem or Slowmotion team?

First, each team member must register and pay the race fee at sportid.online. Then set up a Tandem/Team in your account in the “My Registrations” tab and invite friends/... or accept an invitation to join a tandem or a team. The tandem or team can be open (without confirmation) or closed (on request).

Team categories

What is included in the race package?

  • A race bib with a timing chip
  • Refreshments on the course and at the finish line (Enervit sports drink and energy tablets, water, fruit)
  • A text message with your finish time
  • Official (clock) time, net time and split time
  • Free downloadable photos and a diploma
  • A wooden medal of participation
  • Gifts from partners

The race package does not include a speed cup. If you do not have one, you need to purchase one from SportID.

Race package

Will we get medals at the finish line?

Yes, there will be a medal for you at the finish line.


What will be available at the refreshment stops in the adult courses?

Water, a sports drink and energy tablets from Enervit and fruit.

Refreshment stops

The Běhej lesy Týmovka, or Team Race is a relay race for teams of 4 to 8 people who will compete in the heart of the Vysočina Highlands over 3 circuits without transportation in between. It’s a running and social event, where you spend all your time together with your group, so it’s an ideal form of teambuilding. Do you want to know more? Take a look at the Týmovka event page.

What is Týmovka?

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