Dr. Max – Accompanying Program for Runners and Visitors

In the Dr. Max zone, we have prepared services for both racers and their companions this year, which you can try out firsthand.

The InBody Diagnostics - measuring fat, muscles, body composition, and BMI.

We offer body composition analysis using the InBody device at all Běhej lesy races.

With this device, you can determine the amount of body fat, skeletal muscle mass, water, protein, and minerals. Additionally, you can see the distribution of fat and muscles in the body, including any imbalances. An important piece of information is also the amount of visceral fat, which increases the risk of serious health problems.

The device also determines the appropriate target weight, not only overall but also separately for fats and skeletal muscles.

You will also learn your BMI, basal metabolic rate, and recommended daily caloric intake.

Based on these values, our professional healthcare staff can recommend regimen adjustments to modify body composition, especially changes in dietary habits and appropriate physical activity.

If you come to us repeatedly, you will see a graph of your body composition history. This will help you determine if you have improved since the previous measurement.



Spirometry - measurement of pulmonary functions

Are you interested in the condition of your lungs? Let us determine your lung age at the races at Karlštejn and Jizerská.

You can now have your basic lung functions measured at selected races. During this measurement (spirometry), the volume and speed of inhaled and exhaled air are evaluated. This provides information about the size of the lungs and the permeability of the airways. You will find out, for example, what your vital lung capacity is (i.e., the volume of air in liters that you exhale after a maximum inhalation), or what your lung age is.

Tip: This is a so-called forced spirometry, so we need your maximum effort! Therefore, ideally come with enough time before the race and only if you feel up to it. Results may not be conclusive if you have a cold or have recently recovered from an illness.

Skin Analysis

At selected races in Železná Ruda and Bílá, you can benefit from the expertise of our skin consultants and experience a skin analysis. Through this analysis, we can accurately determine the hydration level, oiliness, pore size and frequency, wrinkle condition, tendency for redness, dilated blood vessels, and skin pigmentation. After evaluating the measured results, our skin consultants will recommend suitable care tailored to your skin's current condition.


Hair Analysis

At selected Dermocenters of Dr. Max, you can have a detailed analysis of your hair and scalp completely free of charge. This year, we also offer this service at the race in Klínovec. Thanks to a specially modified camera, we are able to evaluate the condition of your hair and scalp in a short time. In the first step, we determine the quantity and density of your hair, which is the most common issue in hair care that we address with our clients. The device can assess the condition of the scalp, whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, or flaky. We also check if the hair grows with sufficient density. In further steps, we examine the hair structure. From this, we observe whether the hair is sealed and smooth or dry and split. We precisely see the hair cuticle and analyze whether the hair protection is intact. Thanks to the analysis, we recommend suitable care, adjustments to nutrition, or even dietary supplements.

Forest Kindergarten Dr. Max

This season, we have prepared the option to place your little ones in the Forest Nursery Dr. Max at the races in Karlštejn, Jizerské, and in Lednice. In the background of the forest nursery, experienced staff will take care of the children, allowing parents to go run the race.

The service is free and can be used until the maximum capacity is reached.


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